Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shimmer Paint


Shimmer Paint
SHIMMER PAINT! These items are featured in the Holiday Mini Catalog, and come in 3 different shades - Champagne Mist, Platinum and Frost White.  These can be found on page 27 of the Holiday Mini catalog.

Champagne Mist is a very delicate bronze-ish shimmery paint.

Platinum is fairly opaque and is similar in appearance to the silver Encore ink. The shimmer paint is slightly more (ahem) shimmery...and doesn't take as long to dry as Encore.

Frost White is a shimmery white, not as opaque as platinum.

What can you do with them?

Stamp with them - simply shake the bottle, remove the cap, and then use a sponge dauber to pick up the paint from the inside of the cap, and apply directly to your stamps. You can do this on top of an already inked stamp as well, to add shimmer to your colored images. (Soft suede with the bronze shimmer paint is lovely.)

Paint with them - use a small brush to apply the shimmer paint directly to images or to the raised portions of your dry embossed images.

Create colored, shimmery paints - add a few drops of reinker to a few drops of frost white shimmer paint to create tinted shimmer paints, then stamp or paint with them as above!

Make all your card stock shimmery! - add a few drops of shimmer paint to some rubbing alcohol in a little spray bottle to create shimmer spray! (A bottle that mists is better than a bottle that squirts. How much to add? Just add a little and if it's not enough, add a little more!) Great for backgrounds and to add a subtle shine to your projects.

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